Transformational Coaching Package

Unleash Your Inner Potential, Develop Resilience, Elevate Your Status.


Do you experience anxiety, self-doubt, fear of change, lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome?


Are you feeling stuck in your job, bypassed for promotions, being held back by your own self-limiting beliefs or perceptions?


Do you find it difficult to network, to advocate for yourself, for your team, to shine light upon and take credit for your achievements to both managers and senior staff?


If so our transformative coaching approach and packages can help by

  • creating a mindset shift – moving past negative self-image, allowing you to let go of self-doubt, fears, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and learning to positively embrace your strengths and values;

  • creating and learning strategies to manage emotions, reactions and self-limiting beliefs;learning how to use your strengths and take risks

  • creating, setting and achieving personal and professional goals

  • building self-confidence and feelings of self-worth

  • learning to manage stress, build resilience and embrace change

  • recognize your potential and build self-confidence

Leadership & Transformational Coaching Packages Prices:

Individual 60-minute session – AED1,000 / USD273
Individual 90-minute session – AED1,500 / USD410

3 month packages 

3-month – AED5,875 / USD1,600

  • 6 x bi-weekly sessions 60 minutes

  • Inter session support (by call, email, whatsapp – 30 minutes)

  • DiSC Profile assessment

  • 1 x 90 minute assessment feedback

Ongoing coaching pre-booked & pre-paid sessions (payments are to be made in installment pre-payments - must be pre-paid in blocks of 4

  • 12 bi-weekly 60 minutes sessions (to be used within 6 months) – AED10,500 / USD2,860

  • 24 bi-weekly 60 minutes sessions (to be used within 12 months) – AED20,550 / USD5,600

  • 12 monthly 90 minutes sessions (to be used within 12 months) – AED15,300 / USD4,170

All packages include:

  • Inter session support (by call, email, whatsapp – 30 minutes)

  • Professional Development options research support

  • Templates and tools


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